Xbox New Console Leak: ‘Xbox Keystone’ Under Development? Not a Successor, Different...

Xbox New Console Leak: ‘Xbox Keystone’ Under Development? Not a Successor, Different from Series S, X


Xbox has a new console leak, and it is not even two years since the release of the Xbox Series S and X that launched in late 2020 for the public to purchase. The new “Xbox Keystone” is the codename for the new device, and leakers believe that it is the upcoming console for the company.

Nevertheless, some reports do not consider it the successor of the Xbox console lineup, instead of a machine that will offer a different experience.

Xbox New Console Leak: Xbox Keystone Appears, What is It?

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Files regarding the Xbox were leaked, and it points out to a new console under the codename “Xbox Keystone.” The online leaker posted the code via Twitter. It goes alongside other company files that have distinctions already, hence their existence not being questioned or talked about, unlike the Keystone name.


According to Comic Book Gaming, the new codename of “Keystone” may refer to a new Xbox console that will soon release, but this remains a leak and speculation, not a confirmed one. Comic Book said that this new codename might be a revision to the Xbox Series S and X, like the Xbox One and the Xbox One S’ relationship.

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Xbox Keystone Will Not Replace the Xbox Series S, X

Let us get one thing straight, and this is the Xbox Keystone not replacing the Xbox Series S and X as the next-generation console release from Microsoft. The report said that the successor to the Series S and X would come years later, like its period from Xbox One to the new consoles released in 2020.

However, it may be a different console release from Microsoft and the Xbox Company, waiting to bring other features compared to its 2020 devices.

Xbox and its Focus Now

The Xbox Series S and X still feature a limited availability for the public to purchase as it faces its stock problems brought by the chip shortage that gets people sufferings. Currently, Xbox is looking into replenishing the missing stocks of the console to its online store and its retailers for the public to purchase, despite it already on its two years into production.

The company’s cloud gaming platform aims to deliver a feature for PC gamers to enjoy, and that is the availability of games to use peripherals like the keyboard and mouse for their access. These features are some of the Xbox company’s focus now, but nothing regarding a new console release per their official statements.

Nevertheless, the leak may signify something brewing from the company, but not necessarily a console that will replace the Xbox Series S and X in its current production and availability. The leaks are onto something, but it does not mean that this is a successor console for the company.

It may point to a new console with different capabilities and features, but that is something that Microsoft needs to address for the public for confirmation.

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