Uber Attempts to Help Drivers Through Higher Surcharges: 100% Surcharge Goes to...

Uber Attempts to Help Drivers Through Higher Surcharges: 100% Surcharge Goes to Drivers


Uber will be pushing some new surcharges as gas prices start to rise to unheard of amounts. Both Uber rides and Uber Eats will incur a surcharge wherein 100% of the increase goes directly to the drivers.

Uber’s Move to Deal with the All-Time High Prices of Gas

As per the company’s announcement, a new surcharge will be instituted to offset the record-high gas costs for drivers. In addition, the new fees are directed directly towards drivers that are facing the highest costs of gas ever recorded.

The company’s head of driver operations for the United States and Canada, Liza Winship, stated that Uber would be helping its drivers reduce the current burden. According to the story by Mashable, as per Winship, while earnings within Uber remain elevated compared to previous trends, the spike in gas has directly affected both delivery and rideshare drivers.

Gas Prices Reach Record High of $4.30 Per Gallon

As per an article by The Washington Post, the prices of gas hit a new record of $4.30 on average since the previous 2008 financial crisis. Due to the rise in price, Uber is reportedly asking its riders to pitch in.

The surcharge costs will reportedly depend on the users’ location and state price increase. The added surcharge could range from $0.35 or $0.45 on Uber Eats and $0.45 or $0.55 on Uber rides.

Uber Drivers Say Additional Surcharge Won’t Be Enough

The complete surcharge goes directly to the drivers, as per the company. According to Mashable, the additional fees will not be applied for rides and deliveries operating in New York City.

A lot of Uber drivers have shown their frustration when it comes to the company’s choice to put the offset costs on the riders. However, in another article, certain Uber drivers like Ben Valdez stated to The Washington Post that the added surcharges still won’t be sufficient.

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Alternatives to Affordable Public Transformation

The new surcharges, as per Valdez, won’t be enough to help the drivers when it comes to the “increasing financial burdens,” explaining that in order to offset a gallon of gas, drivers would first need to take ten trips.

Other people online had also given their criticism when it came to the refusal of Uber to take on the responsibility themselves. Aside from the ride-sharing part, a lot of drivers are considering different alternatives when it comes to fighting off high prices.

Having access to affordable public transportation is now growing in popularity as more and more people fret over the prices of gas. As per the article by Mashable, online communities are now starting to give the public advice when it comes to bike and transit alternatives all across the United States.

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