TikTok to Add Labels on its Platform for Selected ‘State-Controlled’ Media, Suspends...

TikTok to Add Labels on its Platform for Selected ‘State-Controlled’ Media, Suspends Livestreaming and New Content


TikTok is adding labels to selected state-controlled media on its platform that uses the social media network for its news and information for the public. However, TikTok is going in a different direction as it will not do it like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms regarding the international issue. TikTok also updated its release with suspensions on several features on its platform. 

TikTok: Adding Labels to Selected State-Controlled Media

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In this photo illustration, the social media application logo, TikTok is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on April 13, 2020, in Arlington, Virginia – TikTok has pledged $250 million to local organizations around the world supporting healthcare, education, and struggling communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP)

According to a news release from TikTok, it is not entirely banning Russia and its state-controlled media from posting on the short video platform from China’s ByteDance. Instead, it will add labels to the selected state-controlled media from East Asia to warn people and advise that what they are accessing is from its government. 

Unlike the straight-up ban from Facebook and Twitter that focused on barring the content from these organizations in the hopes of halting its efforts from conveying their side. Social media is a massive spectrum now that users utilize for information and different needs, focusing on the many features of the public. 

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TikTok Suspending Services in Russia

TikTok updated its release and said that it is suspending several features for Russia, especially now that it faces a dispute with its nearby state, Ukraine. TikTok is suspending its live stream features for the country and its new content videos to arrive by the platform. 

The in-app messaging of Russia will not be affected by this change, and it will focus more on the content available on the platform and posted by its users.

TikTok Issues and MORE

TikTok is now under the investigation of the United States’ Attorney Generals for its effect on teenagers that regularly consume its social media platform that focuses on its impact on their mental health. There are also other disputes and focuses for TikTok, but this current one focuses on something similarly discussed on Instagram. 

The significance of TikTok has been on a fast rise in the past years, giving the company many praises and users that have been faithful to its platform since its early days. TikTok also made several moves to protect its young users who browse its services, focusing on the many content filters it will impose among children and teenagers, especially for mature content. 

TikTok brought many changes to the public to adhere to specific ages, groups, nations, and more, but now it focuses on bringing a feature that helps take a stand on an international issue. Russia’s bans and suspensions on its platform get a different take for TikTok, unlike Facebook and Twitter’s move that focused on bans for the state. 

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