Multi-Gigabit Internet: WiFi Speeds are Now Receving Major Boosts! Here are the...

Multi-Gigabit Internet: WiFi Speeds are Now Receving Major Boosts! Here are the ISPs Providing Them


Multi-gigabit internet services are now on the rise as various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) increase their WiFi speeds. 

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Network cables are plugged in a server room on November 10, 2014 in New York City. U.S. President Barack Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to implement a strict policy of net neutrality and to oppose content providers in restricting bandwith to customers.

Ever since the global pandemic began, the internet has become more essential since more people prefer shopping online. On the other hand, many individuals are also still working remotely. 

Meanwhile, many students are still conducting online classes. These are just some of the reasons why many people are now looking for faster internet services. 

Multi-Gigabit Internet Services Arrive! 

According to CNET’s latest report, fiber internet providers are now offering new speed tiers for their WiFi services, with some of them reaching up to 5Gbps. 

Multi-Gigabit Internet: WiFi Speeds are Now Receving Major Boosts! Here are the ISPs Providing Them

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A woman uses a laptop on April 3, 2019, in Abidjan. – According to the figures of the platform of the fight against cybercrime (PLCC) of the national police, nearly one hundred crooks of the internet, were arrested in 2018 in Ivory Coast, a country known for its scammers on the web, has announced on April 2, 2019 the Ivorian authority of regulation of the telephony. (Photo by ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP)

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As of the moment, the majority of the households in the United States only use around 143Mbps internet speed. Although this is the case, many ISPs claimed that they are receiving more demand for high-speed tiers. 

A few years ago, internet speeds are not much of a big deal since many people didn’t need them. Aside from this, some individuals also find faster WiFi services quite expensive. 

But, a new survey revealed that more households in the United States are increasing their connected devices. Back in 2020, the average household connected device is only 10. 

However, this number increased as more people tend to work at home and conduct school activities remotely.  

ISPs Offering Multi-Gigabit Internet Services

Right now around eight ISPs are offering multi-gigabit internet services in the United States. These include AT&T, Google Fiber, Verizon Fios, Ziply Fiber, and other internet service providers. 

But, only two of them are offering WiFi speeds up to 5Gbps. These are specifically AT&T (AT&T Fiber 5000) and Ziphy Fiber (Ziply Fiber 5 Gig). 

As of the moment, 5G is still the fastest internet speed available in the market. But, News 18 reported that the 6G WiFi speed might soon arrive around 2028. Once that happens, there’s a chance that ISPs will also adopt this faster internet speed tier. 

In other news, a massive internet outage in Europe happened because of a new cyberattack. Meanwhile, some experts claimed that old internet routers should be replaced. 

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