GameStop PS5 Restock 'Digital Bundle' Up: Pro Tip Says Wait a Few...

GameStop PS5 Restock 'Digital Bundle' Up: Pro Tip Says Wait a Few Minutes


A new GameStop PS5 restock has just hit the internet with “digital bundles” up for grabs. Despite it being more than a year since the launch of the PlayStation 5, the hard-to-find stock was found available on GameStop for $658.97.

GameStop PS5 Restock Online

According to a tweet by PS5 Stock Alerts, a new restock was available on GameStop but there’s a trick to secure a bundle. As per the account, buyers shouldn’t refresh right away but have to wait a few minutes before the “add to cart” button will appear.

This means that despite the “add to cart” button nowhere to be found, buyers should wait until it pops up instead of constantly refreshing the page as it would decrease their chances of purchasing the console online.


Thread Shows Numerous Unlucky Buyers

As per the thread, there were still a lot of unlucky buyers as some of them were too late and the console was already sold out when they opened the website. This has been a long ongoing problem for a lot of gamers and enthusiasts alike due to three major factors.

The largest factor affecting the supply of the PS5 restock is the ongoing global chip shortage. The shortage basically means that there aren’t enough semiconductors to produce a larger amount of consoles to please the high demand.

Global Chip Shortage Affecting the PS5 Restock

As per Protocol, the global chip shortage is expected to end this year, although some analysts suggest that it could last longer. With the current situation regarding sanctions and supply affected by what’s happening to Russia and Ukraine, it remains unclear as to when the timeline for the global chip shortage will last.

Another reason why it has been extremely difficult to purchase is because of scalpers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift from physical purchases to purchasing stock online, scalpers have been taking advantage of the digital landscape to make money.

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Scalpers and Increased Competition

Reports of scalpers using bots to purchase the PS5 restock automatically or the Xbox Series X restock have alerted gamers in an article detailed by IGN. After clearing out the available stocks online, scalpers usually resell the consoles for higher prices, making a profit out of the difference.

The third reason, however, is actually due to the competition. Unlike previous launches where gamers can line up at physical locations to secure their stock, the competition has definitely risen due to most buyers purchasing the console online.

In order to increase the chances of purchasing the console online, buyers can follow PS5 restock alerts on Twitter or other platforms to get notifications when stock becomes available online. To add, it is important that buyers also have accounts on the different online retailers that the console restock is most likely to drop on.

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