Apple ‘Peek Performance’ March: M2 Spotted by Leaker, Kuo says iMac Pro...

Apple ‘Peek Performance’ March: M2 Spotted by Leaker, Kuo says iMac Pro Coming in 2023


Apple’s “Peek Performance” March event is coming this week, and a new leak spotted by a leaker talks about the M2 chip that may be up for release this month.

Moreover, another leaker and analyst known as Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the iMac Pro with the M series chip will not be released this year. Instead, it has been claimed that that it will come by 2023.

Apple’s Peek Performance: M2 Chip is Coming this March

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman posted a new Power On Newsletter that talked about the latest Silicon chip of Apple, and a new anonymous “developer source” confirmed the next-generation chipset for the Macs.

The device allegedly tested two chips. One of it is an 8-core CPU and the other is the 10-core GPU under the macOS betas of the company.

The Apple analyst said that the M2 chip was reportedly confirmed less than two days before the company’s release for the event it will hold on Tuesday, March 8.

The discovery is similar to the October 2021 release of the M1 Max and M1 Pro, having a new app log on its release that registered on the said system that is identical to the M2’s appearance.

The source spotted this M2 log, which is claimed to signify concrete evidence of the chip.

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Kuo: Apple’s iMac Pro to Release by 2023, Not Now

One of Apple’s prominent analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, released a statement on Twitter that talks about the March event releases of the company.

The leaker focused on the iMac Pro, which he said will not arrive for the public to see until 2023. 

Kuo also said that what 2022 will see instead is the external display that has 27 inches to showcase for the public and the Mac mini that might feature its new chip.


Apple’s Upcoming March 2022 Event

The Apple event on March 8 will bring a new variety of devices from the Cupertino company, and it will start the year for the Big Tech releases for 2022. The event will allegedly bring the new iPhone SE and iPad Air that would feature its third generation for the budget smartphone and fifth-generation tablet of the lightest device with a massive screen on its lineup.

There is also an upcoming update for the iOS 15.4 Beta that will bring the new version of the smartphone operating system, focusing on the new features it will bring to the public. The latest release will update the current iOS version to its unique focus that will power the upcoming devices of Apple, also bringing new updates for its recent releases.

The March 2022 “Peek Performance” event aims to be Apple’s way to start the year with a bang, bringing in new devices that will add to its lineup and give the public what they have been asking for from the company.

It may not be the iPhone 14 yet or the iMac Pro, but it will address its current releases and the update users are needing. 

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