200GB of Vodafone Source Code Could be Leaked if NVIDIA Hackers Did...

200GB of Vodafone Source Code Could be Leaked if NVIDIA Hackers Did Infiltrate the Company


After the massive NVIDIA hack happened, the cyber criminals behind the attack seem to have turned their attention to Vodafone.

The company seems to have been attacked by the Lapsus$ group, which carried out a data breach even without the company knowing.

Lapsus$ Group Made a Telegram Poll on Whose Data to Leak Next

According to the story by TechRadar, Vodafone actually had no idea that it was hacked. The Lapsus$ group made a poll on its Telegram channel with three options for subscribers to choose from.

The group made its subscribers pick whose stolen data should the group be dumping next. Among the companies whose alleged stolen data are part of the poll include MercadoLibre/MercadoPago, Impresa, and Vodafone.

Other Companies on the Lapsus$ Poll

MercadoLibre/MercadoPago, as explained by TechRadar, is an ecommerce company. Impresa, on the other hand, is a Portuguese media conglomerate. In 2021, it was reported that Imrpesa suffered a massive data breach.

Meanwhile, most people already know Vodafone as the partner of Google for the Pixel products. 

In the Lapsus$ group’s Telegram channel, over 50% of the votes all picked Vodafone. According to a company spokesperson, Vodafone is now investigating the claims along with the law enforcement.

200GB of Vodafone Source Code Could be Leaked

Despite the alleged data breach by the Lapsus$ group and Telegram chat poll, the company did not give any comment regarding whether or not it really has fallen victim to a data breach. The spokesperson, however, made sure to point out that the claim’s referenced types of repositories did not contain customer data.

The Vodafone spokesperson said that the claims did, however, contain the company’s proprietary source code. Should the threat made by Lapsus$ be accurate, the hacker group is reportedly threatening to leak 200GB of the company’s source code.

No Confirmation if Viruses or Ransomware was Used

As of press time, TechRadar notes that it has not been confirmed if ransomware or viruses have been used during the alleged data breach.

The hacker group has been creating a lot of cyberattack-related concerns these past few weeks. Lapsus$ has already leaked a significant amount of data belonging to South Korean tech giant Samsung.

They also recently made headlines for the successful NVIDIA hack, eaking a terabyte of their data.

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Tens of Thousands of NVIDIA Employees’ Data Leaked

The leaked data included tens of thousands of NVIDIA employees’ usernames and passwords. To add, the hacker group also claims to have utilized the data in order to revert the limitations imposed by the hash rate limiter.

The hash rate limiter or LHR units were initially placed on NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series GPUs to discourage miners from buying them, according to Guru3d.

The hackers’ LHR bypassing tool was sold for $1 million and would allow miners on Ethereum to maximize GPU capacity and continue to mine cryptocurrency without the hash rate limitations.

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