Twitch to Combat ‘Hate Raids’ in 2022 | 15 Million Bots Banned...

Twitch to Combat ‘Hate Raids’ in 2022 | 15 Million Bots Banned Last Year


Twitch’s “Hate Raids” plan for 2022 has been laid out in an open letter, which shares the moves that the streaming platform is doing to combat the “unacceptable” trends of 2021 altogether.

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Twitch to Combat ‘Hate Raids’ in 2022

As per the news story by Dexerto, the Vice President of Global Trust and Safety of Twitch, Angela Hession, shared each step that the live streaming service is implementing for the new year, as well as what it has accomplished in the past year.

The Twitch vice president admitted in the open letter that 2021 made them realize that “there will always be highly motivated bad actors,” who would go the extra mile to constantly spread hate on the streaming platform.

As such, the Twitch exec further said that the live streaming service is planning to keep these bad actors out of its community by providing more protection tools for its users.

For the new year, Twitch plans to roll out an improved reporting and appeals process for all of its users.

On top of that, the streaming service will also step up its game in communicating and educating its content creators on how to use its protection services, such as Suspicious User Detection.

Not to mention that Twitch will also be producing more content that will further explain the protective tools of its platform.

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Twitch ‘Hate Raids’ in 2021

Aside from sharing the future of Twitch moving forward, the VP also shared the efforts of the streaming service against the proliferation of harassment in its platform for the past year.

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According to the report by Kotaku, Hession also disclosed that Twitch deleted millions of “hate raid” bots in the past year as part of its efforts to mitigate the raging harassment epidemic on the streaming service.

The Twitch VP also shared in the same open letter that its “community experienced some of the most vicious attacks ever seen against streamers,” which includes harassment against the LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, as well as military veterans.

Hession said that Twitch did not stop after it purged millions of bot accounts that were spreading hate on the platform. In fact, the streaming service even went on to bring those who were responsible for the “hate raids” to the courts.

What’s more, the streaming service has also laid out precautionary steps to prevent bots from the platforms, such as chat privileges for those with verified phone numbers.

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