Meta Debuts ‘Privacy Center’ for Facebook, Centers on 5 Primary Focuses—Limited Release...

Meta Debuts ‘Privacy Center’ for Facebook, Centers on 5 Primary Focuses—Limited Release on Desktop


Meta brings a new feature for Facebook and it is called the “Privacy Center” that can control many security and privacy settings in the platform.

It brings control over Meta’s apps but mainly resides on Facebook as a limited feature for now. Only a limited number of users get to try it first, but Meta promises to make this app available for more users in the future. 

Meta’s Facebook Privacy Center Now Available for Limited Users

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Facebook’s New Privacy Center is a hub where users can access different settings regarding the apps connected to an account. It will let a person know the data being used, as well as access them or restrict the app from its access. The Privacy Center is now on a beta stage, with its full features coming soon to the desktop and app.

Meta and Facebook will not stop collecting data and information from each user, but it will be transparent on where they take and use them for their apps. According to Meta, the new Privacy Center will help people know where the data that has been gathered and how the company uses it. 

The Privacy Center is now available for selected users only and it is available via the settings tab of the Facebook website on one’s browser. The feature is accessible via the drop-down menu and here, people can choose between five modules to focus on to learn more about the interconnectedness of their apps. 

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Facebook Privacy Center to Control Meta Apps

Facebook’s Privacy Center’s five modules include Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, and Ads. 

Each module is for a specific need with regards to privacy and security with social media. 

Here, users can access and edit the settings available on the Privacy Center and apply them to the different apps available on Facebook’s landscape. Meta hopes for this to bring better integration from the company’s other apps to one place. 

Facebook’s Take on Privacy

Facebook and its change to Meta did not do much help regarding the popularity among the public as it remains as an untrusted company. In 2021, Yahoo Finance dubbed the company the “Worst Company of the Year” because of the many issues surrounding its operations and existence. 

Researchers that studied Meta made different discoveries on the company and its take on the privacy of its users and patron. One study found Meta to be spying on as many as 50,000 social media users and there are no exact reasons behind the company’s actions. 

The only advice that experts can give is to protect one’s Facebook account with a few precautionary steps in order to safeguard one’s data online. 

Meta and privacy may be two words that do not go along together, but it is still seen that the company has been making efforts in providing a fix for this, especially with new latest releases. However, it is still plagued with complaints from users regarding its safety. 

Nevertheless, the latest Privacy Center will help in achieving safety on one’s profile. 

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