Apple AR/VR Headset's Potential Name | 'Apple Goggles' or 'Apple Vision?'

Apple AR/VR Headset's Potential Name | 'Apple Goggles' or 'Apple Vision?'


What could be the name for the upcoming Apple goggles? Some actually say it could be called “Apple Vision.”

Apple Rumored to Create Its Virtual Headset with AR Capabilities

As of press time, Apple is strongly rumored to be creating its own virtual reality (VR) headset with AR capabilities. Despite the rumors, however, nothing solid has surfaced aside from its potential internal codenames.

This, however, did not stop one of the most quoted Apple leakers from thinking about the naming strategy. It has been quite clear that Apple puts a lot of thought into every aspect of its own products and poor naming can cause major problems for both its launch and its future.

What Happened with the Apple HomePod?

It can be said that most of the Apple products are successful, though there have been notable exceptions like the HomePod. Apple aimed for the high-end market while launching late against other established smart speakers from Google and Amazon.

The larger and also better-sounding HomePod, however, was still lacking when it came to certain smart home functionalities. According to the story by ScreenRant, the product should have been named Apple Audio.

Apple AR/VR Headset Name Possiblities

As of the moment, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the most quoted Apple leaker, does not even know the name of Apple’s AR/VR headset but ran through a list of different possible strategies. Some of the unlikely choices include “Apple Goggles.”

Appending VR, AR, XR, MR, or SR are equally unlikely due to it locking the product into a particular tech angle. The acronyms, however, stand for well-known augmented and virtual reality as well as less used extended, mixed, and even simulated reality terms.

Most Possible Name is ‘Apple Vision’

Apple also favored SR in patents and, although it is a technical term, it is not really something used in marketing a product.

It has been rumored that the most likely choice as of the moment is “Apple Vision.”

Apple Vision was Mark Gurman’s pick and, per ScreenRant, Gurman’s speculation has to be respected. Vision would reportedly imply that the tech is made for a new visual medium.

Apple iSight Webcam

Apple Reality is borrowing from the name of the tech while also avoiding picking a certain variety and would align with a number of rumored rOS or reality operating systems that are currently in development.

Other potential names include Apple Sight or even iSight. Apple, however, made a webcam in the past called iSight so it could be reusing an old name should this be the company’s choice.

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Apple Lens Not an Option?

Apple Lens was also mentioned but this would make the product’s name similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google Lens. Although Apple’s Macintosh computer was previously named after a popular variety of apple, the strategy has not been used since.

Gurman, however, might not have the pulse of Apple’s naming in the case since Apple View was unmentioned. Apple View, however, could be a good alternative for Apple’s AR/VR headset.

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