TikTok 2021 Cloudflare Internet Review: More Usage and Traffic than Google, But...

TikTok 2021 Cloudflare Internet Review: More Usage and Traffic than Google, But With 2020 Numbers


TikTok’s 2021 Cloudflare Internet Review shows stats of the popular social media application to surpass Google in terms of usage and traffic, gaining superiority over all other websites. The short video platform is known for its massive appeal to the current generation, focusing its content and app to appeal better to those that prefer a quick video highlight. 

TikTok vs. Google: 2021 Cloudflare Internet Review Shows More Usage for Social Media

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Annually, Cloudflare brings a report of the internet and its trends to show the public what is up in its numbers and usage, giving people an insight into the top usage stats. 

In 2021, Cloudflare’s latest blog post shows how much TikTok climbed the ladders and went past the industry giants with its performance, popularity, usage, and traffic. The company regarded TikTok to have reached the space and beyond, referring to its massive performance this year ahead of Google.

Yes, that is right, the social media app dethroned one of the top names on the internet with its usage and traffic, which came from users of the application. 

It is undeniable that TikTok is more popular than other social media platforms now, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Cloudflare says that it will continue to grow more in the coming years, since its first release in 2018.

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TikTok Gains Massive Usage and Traffic But With 2020 Numbers?

According to Gizmodo, there are a few points to consider here, as Cloudflare based some of its numbers for TikTok from September to December of 2020, which is the application’s peak. For 2021, TikTok has not taken all the months as it surged to the top of the list, but several massive uses in different periods, but overall, taking the top spot. 

TikTok and its Massive Popularity Now

TikTok is a general application that focuses on short video clips that content creators make with the different topics and focuses they have while being creative. It is a known app that features additional content on the Following or For You page, with its algorithm seeing a tweak on its features to avoid the harmful content on the platform.

The latest update on the application shows different features that come with it, including HD videos that would help improve its quality, a new GIFs screen for the background, and a resource from GIPHY. The update may be the last year, but it does not mean that it would be TikTok’s final update for the application. 

The famous Chinese social media application made a massive splash in the country, focusing its content on what its audience and users want when they browse the application. It is undeniable that it challenges Facebook and other social media platforms, as its popularity is a big deal now. 

Nonetheless, it also took the spot from Google this year, which is one of the faces of the internet.

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