Spotify Removes Shuffle Play on Albums Because of Adele’s Request on ’30’s...

Spotify Removes Shuffle Play on Albums Because of Adele’s Request on ’30’s Release; Playlists Too?


Spotify is now removing “Shuffle Play” on albums on the streaming platform, and it is because of the request Adele, as the British singer-songwriter releases her latest album “30” over the weekend. The request was granted by Spotify and the fifteen-time Grammy winner’s reason was that there is an artistic arrangement to the tracklist for people’s listening.

Spotify Removes Shuffle Play on Album Because of Adele’s Request

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 18: Adele performs at Etihad Stadium on March 18, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. 

According to a release by Pop Crave, the arrival of “30,” the latest album that is trending all over the world, from Adele has pushed Spotify to grant her request of disabling the default “shuffle play” on albums. Before this, playing an album would be in random order by default, and this is something that people can toggle off when they do not want it.

Adele responded via Twitter, saying that this was her only request on the music industry, and this is to preserve the artistic touches on an album that they have carefully curated before its release. For some artists like Adele, an album’s tracklist creates a storyline or has a deeper meaning behind it, and is not just listed as it is for release.

Also, the order of an album represents a message it wants to convey.

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Adele’s “30” Album Brings a Massive Number of People to Spotify

Adele’s “30” album is a worldwide hit, something that has put streaming platforms on a massive high following its release, as people flock to these apps to listen to the artist’s latest offer. The popularity of Adele’s anticipated album is a worldwide phenomenon, bringing a massive number of people to Spotify and other streaming applications.

Spotify’s Features

Spotify is more than a streaming application now, and it is because it is a platform where one can stream, socialize, interact, and promote content, making it more of a social networking platform. It may be social media, just lacking some features. Nevertheless, it is a platform where one can see each other’s activities, or have them hidden from other users.

The different features of Spotify act as better integration of users to the streaming application for all of their listening needs. One can tweak the music’s switch to the next one for seamless listening, faders, equalizers, Bluetooth connections, sharing on social media, and more.

The app has become a massive platform that has rivaled that of Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, Tidal, and more.

And while Spotify is one of the world’s top music streaming platforms, it has been focused on shuffle play for a long time now and has only changed it because of the British singer’s request. It would be beneficial for some, but not for all as casual listening to certain albums are what some people do.

On a good note, people can still shuffle albums via the streaming app’s controls.

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