Snap Faces Lawsuit from Investor Because of Apple’s App Tracking; Combined Loss...

Snap Faces Lawsuit from Investor Because of Apple’s App Tracking; Combined Loss as much as $9b


Snap (the company behind Snapchat) is facing a lawsuit from one of its investors, and it is because of the current Apple App Tracking privacy feature that disables one of the strengths of the app. Personalized Ad Tracking is a massive digital feature now for the modern internet, but this has been limited due to Apple’s focus on privacy. 

Snapchat Faces Lawsuit from Investor Thanks to Apple

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First reported by Reuters, a Snap shareholder and investor named Kellie Black is now fighting against the company for the loss of revenue it has suffered due to the Apple privacy fiasco. It is known that as much as 25 percent was lost by Snapchat thanks to Apple, and this is because of the lessened or removed ad targetting feature of the company. 

Snapchat remains silent with regards to the lawsuit that was filed against them, as well as its opinion on Apple’s contribution to the said lawsuit and issue. It is highly known that Apple has contributed to the loss of over $9 billion in revenue by companies including Snap, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and more, and it is all thanks to Ad Tracking Privacy. 

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Snapchat, Other Companies See Revenue Loss up to $9b

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The revenue loss was indeed massive, and for global corporations such as Google and Facebook’s products losing, it was a massive dent despite being one aspect for their apps and user base. Apple is known to have a massive clientele and fans that use its product, and in turn, use the app made by this company. 

That being said, their influence on the market is massive and is felt with the said revenue loss. 

Apple Privacy and App Tracking Features

Apple’s entire iOS 14 was dedicated to adopting the privacy focus of the company that will help in making a safer platform for all users of the iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. However, companies that have apps for both iOS and Android are affected by this, as they have to adjust their applications to adhere to said security parameters of the company. 

The Cupertino Giant even has an “Ask App, not to Track” feature that would pop up and ask users regarding their preferences in allowing or gatekeeping an app with regards to their data usage. Nevertheless, the focus of Apple’s privacy proves helpful to an individual or its users, but not so much for businesses like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and more. 

One of which is Snapchat, someone who has already cried out regarding this move of Apple, something that has affected its service in a massive revenue loss, as much as a quarter chunk. However, it seems that Snap is not gunning against Apple for this in the present, as they have pressing matters to focus on with its investors. 

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