Android 12 Users Beware! Change These Settings NOW to Get Better Privacy...

Android 12 Users Beware! Change These Settings NOW to Get Better Privacy Protection


Android 12 users should beware of these privacy settings on Google’s latest operating system for smartphones to achieve improved privacy protection for their devices.

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Google released the first public version of the Android 12 before October came to an end in the flesh of its Pixel smartphones. It further rolled out to other phone makers that also run Android, such as Samsung and OnePlus.

Android 12 and Privacy Protection Settings

As per the news story by The Verge, Android 12 is home to various new privacy-centered features, such as Privacy Dashboard and sensor access indicators, which tell if an app is using your microphone or camera.

However, the privacy settings additions on Android 12 don’t get enabled right off the bat. Instead, users will need to manually look for it from under the hood of their smartphones.

Android 12 Users Beware of These Privacy Settings

That said, upon updating to the latest Android version, here are some of the privacy setting options that need some tweaking to max out the privacy features of the mobile operating system.

Android 12 Microphone and Camera Access Sensor

One of the newest additions to Android 12 is a feature that notifies users if an app is using either their smartphone camera or microphone in the background.

According to the report by Wired, the latest feature on Android further dispels previous conspiracies that accuse Facebook of secretly eavesdropping from your conversations by using the microphone of your phone.

Some rumors even further claim that Facebook listens to your real-life conversations with other people for its advertising targeting methods, which is not true.

As such, the latest Android sensor for microphone and camera access further proves that.

The new feature is similar to what the direct rival of Android, Apple’s iOS introduced last 2020 for its iOS 14.

Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

If ever you’ve found an app maliciously accessing your mic or camera, here’s how to change access settings.

Another privacy option in Android 12 is the Privacy Dashboard, which allows users to show which sensors from your smartphone have been accessed by the apps you have been using in the last 24 hours.

What’s more, the Privacy Dashboard also enables Android users to instantly deny the said apps from accessing your phone gallery or even mic.

To do so, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings of Android 12.
  • Tap on the Privacy section.
  • Then, select Privacy Dashboard.

From there, you may now see the recent access data of the apps that you are using and block their access from it.

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Android 12 Delete Advertising ID

On top of that, Android 12 also makes it easier to delete your advertising ID, which shares your phone behavior with advertisers.

  • Open the Android 12 Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Next, scroll down to the Ads section.
  • Then, tap the Delete Advertising ID button.

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