Instagram: Live Scheduling, Practice Mode Comes to Better Livestream Experience by Users

Instagram: Live Scheduling, Practice Mode Comes to Better Livestream Experience by Users


Instagram is rolling out new features for its live stream capabilities, and it would potentially improve the experience of users, fans, and even content creators from managing their content well. This would also help in giving people a chance to set their calendars for the said event, as IG Live is initially known to have no schedules for its live events.

Users have been given the live stream feature in the country last December 2016 for the Instagram app, and it is one of the top needed updates for the media-sharing platform by Facebook. One of its next features for the live was the split-screen idea, and it can potentially bring fellow content creators and fans to join the stream and have a chance to interact with them.

Instagram Live Scheduling

Instagram’s Live Scheduling is one of the latest features that the media-sharing platform has brought out for its users and it is very much needed for those that utilize it at most times. The Live Scheduling was revealed by the company via its Twitter page, where it has narrated how the new feature would work once it rolls out.

The feature would most likely be part of the next update of Instagram, and that would depend on when Facebook and IG teams would release it. However, the new feature brings all sorts of nifty features for the social networking application like giving content creators a chance to schedule all of their streams for up to 90 days in advance.


Users and fans can subscribe to this later on.

By subscription, meaning fans can set their calendars to the date and time as demonstrated by the Instagram influencers that have announced when their next stream should be via the app’s calendar feature.

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Instagram Practice Mode

On the other hand, a speculated feature is also coming for the media sharing platform of Facebook, and it is the so-called Instagram “Practice Mode.” It would alternatively let a person or influencer practice or not do the lives stream yet, but to leave everything they have prepared for, all ready for when it goes live.

This also means that it would let selected guests have an interaction with the live stream owner, and here they can check the lighting, sound levels, props, design, makeup, costume, and other elements.

The Practice Mode for Instagram Live is not yet here, but it is worth noting that it would soon arrive on the platform.

Instagram Live via Stories

The live feature can be accessed via Stories of Instagram, and it is an ideal approach to the platform, as it does not mean that people would have to the live stream pinned on top of their profile o always showing up.

Moreover, many people go live all the time, and it could be a nuisance when it does.

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