Google Pixel Phones New Feature Shows You the Estimated Wait Time of...

Google Pixel Phones New Feature Shows You the Estimated Wait Time of a Call Before it Connects to a Representative


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Google Pixel 6 is the first smartphone from the company that is equipped with a Tensor chip. It is what the combination of the phone’s hardware and software can do.

Google Pixel 6 Tensor Chip

Google Pixel 6’s Tensor chip enables an app that manages speech and images on your smartphone. It is great for Google Assistant to improve the pictures you took with your phone and handle all calls from customer service representatives.

According to 9to5Google, the app can tell when you are currently on hold while calling a business line with a 1-800 number. It can also project the wait time for later in the day or even later in the week.

The projections are inferred from call length data that is not connected to a user identifier. Google did not get more specific, but it sounds similar to Google Maps when it monitors the traffic flow, according to The Verge.

The feature is called Direct My Call. It is created for those who have forgotten the list of choices by the time an automated message is reading off the third one.

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The feature has options and corresponding numbers on the screen, so there’s no need to listen to the entire spiel again and again while the user is on the other line.

Meanwhile, the Hold for Me feature from Google Duplex is expanding to Google Pixel owners in Canada, Japan, and Australia soon.

Google will also ask the phone users to share information about businesses that call them using numbers, not in the directory. With the intent to share the information with other people who got calls from those said businesses.

That could add some information to businesses that use multiple numbers or give you a notice that a representative is on the line. It is not clear whether these features will always be exclusive to Pixel phones or if they will be available to other Google phone models.

Google Pixel 6 Event

The Google Event on October 18 revealed the prices, features, and specs of the latest Google products. The Google Pixel 6, which costs $699, will be equipped with a new Tensor chip, a 50MP camera that can capture 150% more light for clearer pictures, and a 6.4-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Google Pixel 6 will also have faster charging and a better and bigger battery than its predecessor. You can also use the feature called Magic Eraser to edit your pictures, according to Tom’s Guide.

Google Pixel 6 Pro costs $899. It features a 6.71-inch display, a 120Hz refresh rate, and it is equipped with three rear cameras.

The smartphone has a 50MP lens, a 48MP telephoto lens with 4x the optical zoom and 20x Super Res Zoom, and a 12MP ultrawide lens. It also has a bigger battery than the Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel Pass is a subscription for Pixel 6 phones that will cost you $45 a month. It will give you access to YouTube Premium, Google One, YouTube Music Premium, and Google Play Pass service. After two years, the holders can upgrade to a new device.

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