Google Pixel 6 Series Specs Revealed Ahead of Upcoming Event| Leaker Says...

Google Pixel 6 Series Specs Revealed Ahead of Upcoming Event| Leaker Says Live Translate, Telephoto Shooter, and MORE Features Will Come


Google Pixel 6 flagship phones will be launched for the upcoming virtual event this week. The newly leaked promo about these devices highlighted some of their main features that would soon be announced.

The public is growing interested in what these gadgets could offer to them. The batch of interesting leaks about their specs could hint at their possibility of being a big name in the smartphone business.

Leaker Shares Leaked Ads For Pixel 6 Phones

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Google Piixel 6 phones

According to Tom’s Guide, the leaked promo videos for both Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro were posted by Twitter tipster @_snoopytech_. The focus of the tweet revolves on three main points of the flagship.

The leaker said that Magic Eraser would be coming to the said Google phones. This feature would remove unwanted objects with ease. Moreover, there is also a Live Translate that current Pixel phones feature. However, there’s a twist on the upcoming Pixel 6.

The users can take full advantage of the said feature without the requirement of having an Internet connection. In addition, the leaker mentioned that both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 share almost identical features. The striking difference between the two is the AMOLED screen type and the size.

For Pixel 6 Pro fans, the smartphone will reportedly boast an additional camera which will house the 48 MP telephoto lens.

Since these details came from a leak, we could not guarantee if the exact information would come out for this week’s virtual event. Either way, the leaked specs for the Google Pixel flagship have been promising so far for the customers.

If this information is true, we could finally settle for the accuracy of the posted leak. So far, what we know is the close resemblance of the tipped clips to the current ads for Pixel 6.

Google is set to release Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Tuesday, Oct.19, according to a report by Slash Gear. The company will also unveil the second-gen Pixel Stand wireless charger during the event.

Somehow, Google is aiming to bring more updates on its future products for the customers who are looking forward to some improvements.

Google’s First SoC For Pixel 6

Back in August, Google flaunted the design of its first Tensor SoC for future smartphones. According to company CEO Sundar Pichai, the whole process took four years to develop before the chip went public.

The interesting feature of this processor would be its ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to upcoming devices. The firm considers its computational technology to be one of its main features.

Furthermore, Google noted that the AI-related tasks could smoothly run without experiencing overheating issues on the future Pixel phones.

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Google Pixel 6’s Five-Year Software Support

Tech Times reported in July that Google is preparing to launch many software updates for the next-gen Pixel 6 flagship. The source stated that the OS updates would be supported for up to five years.

The search engine giant is looking forward to competing with the software support that could rival Apple.

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