Apple MacBook Pro Notch for the M1X, M1 Max is a Way...

Apple MacBook Pro Notch for the M1X, M1 Max is a Way to Maximize Space for More Content


The Apple MacBook Pro with a redesigned notch for the FaceTime HD Camera is a different take on the device, and it follows the look of the iPhone X and later phones. However, it is not to “uniform” the look on the smartphone and laptop but was revealed by an Apple manager that it is for the maximization of space for more content.

Apple MacBook Pro Notch Redesign

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The “Same Brain” podcast has talked about the new Notch designs of the MacBook Pro, and it has also invited Shruti Haldea of Apple’s Mac product line to talk about the device. Here, the Apple employee has mentioned that the move to the new notch is a way to give users a larger screen without removing the FaceTime HD Camera.

The reason for this is content creation and creatives, as it would give users more of the screen without necessarily enlarging the device itself from its 14-inch and 16-inch releases.

Moreover, the device also maximizes more of the display by eliminating the bezels of the new release, and it helps in the overall use but is fairly new to users.

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Apple MacBook Pro Notch: Why Does It Not Have Face ID?

The notch for the iPhone X or the 10th-anniversary release for the iPhone has signified the move of getting a bezel-less screen, as well as losing the Home Button. However, for the many classic iPhone designs is lost, the device gained with the advanced feature of facial recognition to unlock the screens or Face ID.

The iPhone X’s notch was the reason for that, and a lot of people were curious if it would be the same for the MacBook Pro, especially when it was first rumored of the notch for its front-facing camera.

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021 Release

The Apple MacBook Pro 2021 with the new notch and everything is a popular device now, and it is the first change on its design since its 2015 release of the USB-C MacBook Pro. Now, the device comes with the upgraded M1X and M1 Max Silicon chips, and this is updated a year after the first unified chip came out for Apple laptops.

The performance of these new chips has a significant change compared to its release for the MacBook Pro M1 2020, hence the “better performance” of the SoCs. And while the device is hot as it was recently “Unleased” by Apple, it is one popular laptop that a lot of people are already purchasing and has its shipments already pushing later than December 2021.

The release of the new Mac device was unprecedented as Apple does not update its PC laptops as much as it does for the iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and more. However, it seems like the device would see more upgrades in the coming years and would have a yearly update as well.

Next up is the release of the MacBook Air 2022, rumored to have the same design for its notch and new M2, but is still lacking the Face ID.

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