Xiaomi 12 Leak Notes Phone Could Get Three 50MP Cameras with a...

Xiaomi 12 Leak Notes Phone Could Get Three 50MP Cameras with a Periscope Zoom Lens


(Photo : Image from Commons.Wikipedia.com) Xiaomi 12 Leak Notes Phone Could Get Three 50MP Cameras with a Periscope Zoom Lens

The new Xiaomi flagship phone Mi 11 launched close to the end of 2020, and the company is getting ready to launch its successor, the Xiaomi 12, this year with some unexpected specs.

Leaks reveal that the upcoming Xiaomi 12 could get three distinct 50MP cameras along with a periscope lens!

Xiaomi Mi 11

According to the story by XDA-developers, Xiaomi launched its widely successful flagship phone, the Mi 11, towards the end of 2020, and the company is now most likely launching its successor around the same time this 2021.

Although this isn’t confirmed, the article details a leak that suggests the upcoming flagship phone is coming out with a huge camera update.

The article doesn’t really expect Xiaomi to officially release any information regarding the device until Qualcomm unveils its very next flagship chipset.

Leaks regarding the upcoming flagship phone have started to pop up online.

Xiaomi 12 Leak Reveals Potential 3 50MP Cameras

The leaks suggest that the upcoming device will reportedly be called the Xiaomi 12.

This is as Xiaomi is reportedly dropping its Mi branding from the company’s future products.

The next flagship phone is expected to feature a triple 50MP camera setup.

The leak currently in question reportedly comes from a renowned leaker Digital Chat Station, who now claims that the upcoming Xiaomi 12 will be featuring a 50MP main camera, another 50MP ultrawide camera, and yet another 50MP telephoto camera.

They are also adding that the upcoming telephoto camera on the device will be featuring a 64MP primary camera as well as an 8MP ultrawide camera and another 5MP telemacro.

Xiaomi 12 Specs

Although the leak reportedly doesn’t really highlight the other Xiaomi 12 specifications, the device, according to the report, will most likely be featuring Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 895 chip as well as a high refresh rate OLED display along with an adaptive refresh rate support.

The article noted that they are not sure if Xiaomi will be offering its buyers an in-display camera on the Xiaomi 12 or not.

The article further says that they do expect the phone to pack a massive battery that comes with fast charging capabilities.

As of the moment, there is still no further information regarding the Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi could also allegedly be developing a new 108MP phone releasing the MIUI 12 stable update.

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Xiaomi 12 5x Periscope

According to an article by GSMArena, the upcoming Xiaomi 12 will allegedly be using a new 5x periscope.

As of the moment, Xiaomi is already said to have an actual working 10x periscope.

The focal length, however, is quite impractical.

The 5x periscope lens is reportedly coupled with a really high resolution sensor that is already capable of providing its users smooth, high quality zoom going around the 5x to 10x range.

Other rumors note that the upcoming Xiaomi 12 will be packing a 200MP camera sensor to go with it.

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