PS5 Restock Update: News of PS5 Availability at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, and...

PS5 Restock Update: News of PS5 Availability at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, and More


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PS5 restocks have been rare recently despite the holiday season inching closer.

PS5 restocks at retail stores across the United States sell out in minutes. Consoles are made available sporadically that it is often difficult to know when the next restock will happen.

PS5 Availability

Since its launch in November 2020, the console has been a hit. However, due to the global chip shortage and the pandemic, the restock has been slow these past ten months.

Although there is no assurance that the restock will pick up during the holiday season, it is still best to get a lookout if a major retailer drops stocks.

Just this week, PlayStation Direct had available consoles for subscribers that were chosen via a special email.

Meanwhile, GameStop also dropped PS5 stocks, but they were exclusive for the PowerUp Rewards Pro members, according to Gamespot.

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PS5 restocks pop up randomly with no warning, and they are selling out faster than the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

To keep track of all the releases, a lot of insiders have turned to Twitter to spread the news. Checking Twitter is one of the best ways to know if a PS5 console is in stock, and it is one way to purchase one successfully.

You can also review the store listings frequently because you will sometimes see the PS5 in stock, and they often drop without notice at Walmart or Best Buy, according to Tom’s Guide.

PS5 restocks at Walmart

Walmart is one of the major retailers that dropped PS5 consoles last month. The last stock was released on Aug. 5, and it sold out immediately.

Usually, Walmart PS5 restocks are announced just a few hours before it goes live, and it happens at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time or 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. More stocks are usually released every 10 minutes.

PS5 restocks at Best Buy

Best Buy dropped PS5 stocks on Aug. 12, and both the PS5 regular console and the PS5 Digital version were available.

The retailer restocks usually happen either on Thursday or Friday, but there are instances wherein it will drop stocks on Wednesdays.

PS5 restocks at PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct opens up the queue for customers to purchase the PS5 console, but it usually takes about an hour of wait time. Still, it is worth checking out as it is the only retailer that releases the PS5 console regularly.

However, the queues to get the console is random. Finding a queue on the retailer’s site does not mean that the PS5 is in stock. It just shows how high the traffic is, according to CNET.

If you happen to find the queue, you can wait in line, especially if you will be online for a while, but there is no guarantee it will be in stock by the time you get through the line.

PS5 restocks at Target

The most recent restock at Target was on Aug. 9. Though Target did not have any PS5 availability for months, there have been several restocks recently, but they are for in-store pickup only.

You can also check out the availability of the console through Target’s official website.

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