OnePlus 7, 7T OxygenOS 11 Update Brings Tons of Bug Fixes; Nord...

OnePlus 7, 7T OxygenOS 11 Update Brings Tons of Bug Fixes; Nord CE Gets Improved Camera, Less Overheating


OnePlus 7, 7T, and Nord CE’s OxygenOS 11 update brings numerous bug fixes for the 2019 smartphones, and an improved camera, and fewer overheating issues for the latter. 

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Co-founder and director of the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, Carl Pei gestures as he speaks on stage during the launch of their latest OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro during its launch in Bangalore on May 14, 2019. – The OnePlus 7 series was simultanesously launched globally from three different countries India, US, and Europe.

Even as the OnePlus 7 and 7T are already 2-year-old devices, they are still getting a significant update, which answers a couple of bug fixes and improvements to the flagships the OxygenOS 11 brought. 

As per AndroidHeadlines, as the OnePlus introduced the OxygenOS 11 update to both the 7 and the 7T, tons of issues, such as excessive battery draining, constant app crashes, and even overheating issues, came along with it. 

The latest update conveniently brings fixes to some of the problems that OxygenOS also accompanied to the previous flagship devices. 

One Plus 7, 7T OxygenOS 11 Update: Bug Fix 

One prominent issue with the OnePlus 7 phones, after the OxygenOS 11, centers on the excessive power consumption that drains the battery immediately.

Thankfully, OnePlus vows that the new OS update does a better job at managing battery usage. Not to mention that it also seeks to provide better thermal performance. 

The OnePlus lineup also has a frustrating issue, which blocks users from watching their favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime Video series or movies in HD. The problem lies with a bug concerning the DRM or the Digital Rights Management of the said smartphones. But the latest update fixes just that. Thus, users of the phones will no longer settle for SD streaming. 

As for the camera issue of the 7 series, the OxygenOS 11 update figures out the problem that blurs the camera when taking a photo on full screen. 

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Nord CE OxygenOS 11 Update: Improved Camera and Less Overheating 

According to GSMArena, the new build of the Nord CE, which goes by the name OxygenOS, fixes the overheating issues and camera quality, along with other performance problems. 

OnePlus, which is now a sub-brand of another Chinese phone maker, OPPO, vows that the Nord CE is getting better thermal management to lessen the overheating issues of the phone. 

Meanwhile, the camera software of the Nord CE is also getting its much-needed care. Now, the update improves both the image uniformity and the white balance of the photos. Plus, the Nightscape mode is bringing better picture quality due to the update. 

And aside from those, the Nord CE software also promises to stabilize the smartphone, thanks to the recent update.  

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