Elon Musk Impostor Lures Fan to Believe He Won a Free Tesla

Elon Musk Impostor Lures Fan to Believe He Won a Free Tesla


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An Elon Musk impostor blatantly tricks a fan into believing that he won a free Tesla vehicle, leaving the fan disappointed.

As an avid Musk fan, Kyle Young, decided to eat pizza the wrong way for a total of 99 days in hopes that the Tesla CEO will reward him with a brand new Tesla electric vehicle.

Kyle Young – Elon Musk Fanatic

Kyle Young created a TikTok account called @foodthewrongway to jumpstart his pizza mission.

The fanatic diligently ate pizza starting with its crust and has uploaded dozens of videos since March 11. He has been incorrectly eating pizza for three months, hoping that Musk will notice his persistence.

Young’s first video got over seven thousand likes, and his more recent clips have millions of views.

@elonmuskdad TikTok Account

Young minded his own business, eating pizza the wrong way and all. Suddenly, it seemed like Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk finally recognized his hard work.

A TikTok account with handle @elonmuskdad, and a verified tick suddenly offered a Tesla vehicle to Young by commenting on his videos.

According to News Week, @elonmuskdad commented on Young’s videos and said he will reward the fanatic if he ever makes it 420 eating pizza the wrong way.

The TikTok Elon Musk impostor said that either by day 420, or when Young gains 420 pounds of weight, whichever comes first, he will be rewarded with a Tesla car. Young and his followers got excited because the context is believable with the natural Musk’s fixation with the number 420.

The fake Musk added that he is highly excited about day 420, and even ordered Young to put extra double cheese on his next pizza. He also mentioned that he would personally meet with Young and give him a Tesla vehicle on April 04, 2022, or 4/20/22.

Everything was going exceptionally well, but then the @elonmuskdad TikTok account suddenly turned out to be a fraud despite having a verification check.

On Thursday, June 17, the @elonmuskdad TikTok account was deleted from the app, which led to Young’s disappointment.

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The Disappointment

Newsweek stated that Young posted another video on June 17, saying that @elonmuskdad’s account was banned and not the honest Elon Musk. He then added that he would continue to keep going.

   @foodthewrongway Reply to @chikito3.0 Day 97. People who sub to my YouTube channel are gods (plz go sub!) ##foodthewrongway  ♬ original sound – Kyle     

Young added that he believed that it was the real Elon Musk because of his verification check.

However, he has already been suspicious of the account even before his account got deleted. On June 17, Young wrote that he is sure that @elonmuskdad is not the real Elon Musk.

Kyle Young’s Journey

So far, Young already has over 500,000 followers, and his supporters are slowly getting concerned about his health. The TikTok creator has made pizza a part of his daily diet, which leads people to believe that he will have so many health problems before he gets his hand on the Tesla.

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