'Battlefield 2042' Announcement Causes 'Battlefield 4' Player Base To Increase

'Battlefield 2042' Announcement Causes 'Battlefield 4' Player Base To Increase


“Battlefield 2042” was announced early this month, and it’s already got a lot of fans talking. Not to mention, they’re hyped up enough to flock to old “Battlefield” games. 

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According to GameRant, the recent reveal of “Battlefield 2042” has caused a massive spike in the player base of the much older “Battlefield 4.” A post on the EA forums broke out the news, with queueing times in the West Coast of the United States being pretty long. There were so many players that a lot of them metaphorically had to “sit in line” waiting for a multiplayer match to start. 

Eurogamer reports that the number of concurrent “Battlefield 4” players peaked at 11,801 on June 13, four days after the initial “Battlefield 2042” reveal. As a result, DICE and EA beefed up the old game’s multiplayer servers to accommodate the increased player count. So far, they’re managing well enough, with players not having to wait as long to find a match. 

The recent announcement of “Battlefield 2042” was received mostly well, with its official trailer on YouTube had over 1 million likes and a mere 26,000 dislikes as of this writing. It’s been quite popular, in fact, that there’s already a $100 Gold Edition of the game that offers a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade. 

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‘Battlefield 2042’ And Its Links to ‘Battlefield 4’ 

So, why is this happening? To understand the situation, let’s go back to the release of “Battlefield 4” back in 2013 and what made it a special entry in the long-running shooter franchise. 

“Battlefield 4” is largely considered one of the best (if not the best) “Battlefield” games out there. VG247 went back to playing this old classic after the relative disappointment that is “Battlefield 5,” calling it a competent, fun, and content-filled shooter. It also helps that the game’s visuals have stood the test of time being a roughly eight-year-old game. 

Another possible reason why gamers have been flocking to “Battlefield 4” was that it is technically the last title in the series that resembles “Battlefield 2042” in many aspects. It was a fairly modern shooter with modern-looking weapons, mechanics, and overall feel. The last two games in the series were set in WW1 and WW2, respectively. 

‘All Out Mayhem’ 

EA wasn’t shying away in hyping up the multiplayer-focused nature of “Battlefield 2042,” which again links back to “Battlefield 4.” In a lot of the marketing texts, they were constantly mentioning the game’s large concurrent player count: 128 players in a single battle, which makes it the largest in series history.  

Battlefield 2042

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“Battlefield 4,” while it can only host a maximum of 64 players on PS4 and Xbox One (24 on the PS3/XB360), is still the closest things can get to what “Battlefield 2042” offers. Aside from that, there are also destructible objects in the game, even if they were quite limited. With “Battlefield 2042” leveraging the power of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, fans can actually expect more of these destructible environments to add up to the overall experience.  

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