PS5 Restock Scammers Most Expensive Price Just Yet! Not All PS5 Restock...

PS5 Restock Scammers Most Expensive Price Just Yet! Not All PS5 Restock Twitter Trackers are Legitimate


(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) PS5 Restock Scammers Most Expensive Price Just Yet! Not All PS5 Restock Twitter Trackers are Legitimate

While the PS5 restock has been something gamers have been looking forward to but constantly miss every launch, the stakes could be harder now as even trackers won’t be that reliable.

Where to Buy PS5 Restock Online

Due to the global chip shortage, there is a scarcity when it comes to available PS5 online stock, and the problem, according to Sony, won’t be going anywhere according to the statement of Sony’s Gaming Chief to FinancialTimes. The global chip shortage is felt by not just Sony but also its competitor Microsoft with the Xbox Series X restock which is also problematic as of the moment.

What makes things worse is that scalpers are buying out any available stock of the new PS5 available stock and reselling them online at higher prices! While a lot of people are getting pissed at scalpers due to them jacking up the prices, scalpers are still running a business and thus still have to sell the consoles they bought.

How to Buy New PS5 Stock

One way for gamers to buy available PS5 restock online is through following PS5 restock twitter accounts that reportedly notify whenever there are new PS5 stock online available. This actually gives the regular gamer a fighting chance at moving quickly and buying a PlayStation 5 directly from an online retailer itself at its SRP.

It seems like scalpers have noticed this and according to an article by TechRadar, there are now PS5 restock trackers on Twitter that aren’t really trackers but are rather vendors of jacked up PS5 restock! Generally, this means that potential buyers should be extra cautious when purchasing the PS5 restock.

How Much Does the PS5 Actually Cost?

While the prices might differ a little bit, the SRP for the PlayStation 5 or the official PS5 price should be around $500 or $499 to be exact. This price means that it usually comes directly from Sony. While some online retailers might have slightly higher prices, this is the best price to buy the PS5 for.

Another trend that is picking up as of the moment is the sale of bundles. It’s now hard to buy the PS5 as is and one trend that has been growing is with new PS5 restocks online, a lot of the consoles are being sold in bundles. These bundles mostly have higher prices which can cause a problem for those that do not like the inclusions of the bundles.

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PS5 Scalpers Marking Up Prices

There are some scalpers that sell their prices cheaper than the bundles and do not have an extensively high mark-up price. There are other scalpers, on the other hand, that sell the console at extremely high prices making it harder for regular gamers to purchase out of nowhere. 

According to the article by TechRadar, prices from scalpers can get out of hand going as high as $1,199! What’s worse is for those that rely on unvalidated PS5 restock trackers on Twitter, you might fall victim to these scalpers!

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