Best AirTag accessories 2021: Key chains, straps, and mounts

Best AirTag accessories 2021: Key chains, straps, and mounts


Apple recently released a new tracking device called the AirTag: a small tile you can place on or inside your possessions, such as a purse or briefcase. After placing the AirTag, you can track those possessions using Apple’s Find My app.

Potential security concerns aside, the AirTag has immediate value to customers with varying needs — it can be used to track your car keys, your wallet, or other valuable objects that you might not always have on your person. More importantly, you can use the AirTag to track down stolen or lost items.

Utilizing AirTag accessories will make the most of its functionality depending on where you’re placing it and for what purpose. AirTags can be attached to a variety of products, including keychains, straps, and mounts.

There are already dozens (if not hundreds) of AirTag accessories to check out. This list can help you narrow down your options.

Simple and effective key ring for everyday tracking

Apple offers a variety of AirTag accessories. One of the best is the AirTag Key Ring, crafted from genuine leather and stainless steel. The tanned leather comes in either red, black, or brown, and the socket fits snugly over any standard AirTag device.

The AirTag Key Ring is a basic keyring and doesn’t boast features in terms of functionality. But you can use it to hold your AirTag and attach it to your belongings. The AirTag Key Ring is a bit pricier than some third-party versions, but the material quality is well worth it.

$35 at Amazon

Cheap and versatile



Caseology offers a sleek and compact AirTag holder with a practical design that fits easily on keys, bags, and similarly sized items. The Vault is essentially a tiny AirTag keychain shaped like an oval instead of a circle.The surface is tough, durable, and textured like sandstone for easy gripping. It also features a convenient carabiner clip. 

In addition, the Vault, unlike the AirTag keychain, is highly affordable. It’s the first choice if you want to purchase an AirTag and a solid 

$19 at Caseology

Pricy but classy storage for your AirTag



Nomad sells a high-quality leather keychain for AirTag. Think of this as an upgrade from the standard Apple AirTag key ring.

This leather keychain has a square shape instead of a circular shape, although your AirTag device will still fit snugly inside. The leather is high-quality Horween that should resist scratching and degradation over time. The key ring is made of black stainless steel for added aesthetic elegance and long-term durability.

$29 at Nomad

Great for baggage, purses, and anything else



Many people will undoubtedly want to use their AirTags to track their luggage, particularly in crowded airports. You can do that with this AirTag case, which features a small but secure storage compartment for your tracking device and a reliable strap you can use to attach the AirTag to almost any belongings.

The AirTag secure holder has a twist-and-lock design to keep your device safely inside. The real value of this affordable accessory is its versatility.

$12 at Belkin

The best AirTag accessory for glasses wearers



We get into the more “niche” AirTag accessories with this glasses strap from Nomad. It’s fairly elementary in its design and functionality, featuring a braided nylon pay record strap to connect a TPU rubber AirTag holder to your glasses.

But a lightweight TPU rubber capsule securely holds any standard AirTag and acts simultaneously to keep your glasses tight on your head if you wear them while exercising or doing chores or manual labor. The Nomad Glasses Strap has three included attachment points for a universal fit — excellent for overall value.

$29 at Nomad

A great AirTag accessory for folks who want to keep track of their pets



This specialized AirTag accessory is excellent for dog owners, although it may be unnecessary if you already have your canine companion microchipped. Regardless, this collar features a secure compartment for your AirTag and a durable loop with a unique buckling system to ensure that the collar never comes off, even if your dog pulls hard on its leash.

Dog owners will also appreciate the collar’s material — it’s cork leather, so it’s vegan, durable, and water-resistant.

$47 at FollowPaw

How do AirTag accessories add to AirTag’s value?

Because AirTags are small and discreet, they’re an ideal product to use with an accessory. In fact, AirTags are not nearly as easy (or fun) to use without them. 

At its core, each AirTag unit is a small disc that doesn’t come with any attachable sides, latches, or other functionality: It’s a disc made of precision-etched polished steel. AirTags are designed to be both water- and dust-resistant. While they feature built-in speakers to help you locate any attached objects, the AirTags themselves need to be purchased with at least one accessory if you want to place them in something that doesn’t have a pouch or pocket already. 

For example, say that you want to attach your AirTag to a notebook that has important notes for your upcoming classes. Leaving the AirTag inside the notebook without anything securing it is just asking for the AirTag to fall out if someone picks it up.

An everyday accessory such as a keyring doesn’t draw attention to itself, is easy to carry, and allows you to secure the AirTag to the notebook and use the tracking device as fully intended. Luckily, manufacturers have already created a wide variety of generic and bespoke accessories for use with AirTags.

How do AirTags work?

AirTags work as part of the Apple Find My network, which leverages the transmission capabilities of all other iPhone and Apple devices that have been updated to iOS 14 or later. They’re another big part of the device hardware ecosystem Apple has been curating.

In addition to the Find My network connection, each AirTag features a speaker and a precision-etched polished steel surface that you can customize so anyone who finds your AirTag will know who it belongs to.
Additionally, each AirTag comes with a removable cover for quick and easy battery replacement. 

AirTags transmit their location using low-power Bluetooth signals. As other Bluetooth devices pick up the signals, they can relay the location back to you using the Find My app network.

How much do AirTags cost?

At the time of this writing, each AirTag costs $29 individually or $99 for a 4-pack.

Are AirTags worth their price?

That depends on how organized you are already. AirTags are worthwhile if you already have a hard time keeping track of your valuables. But if you’re someone who is already well-organized and doesn’t often lose items, the AirTag will simply act as a tool in your contingency plan toolbox. 

If AirTags are for you, the possibilities for where you can place them are extensive. You can stash AirTags, for example:

  • In the glove compartment of your car
  • In your purse or wallet
  • On your keychain 
  • In your child’s pocket

There are very few limitations to what AirTags can attach to and, thusly, track.

Can you be tracked through AirTags?

In theory, no. Apple has supposedly designed the AirTags with encryption for local data, meaning only you (the AirTag owner) can see its location. 

Furthermore, Apple regularly rotates all the encryption keys used for AirTag devices — a similar technique COVID-19 mapping apps have used to protect users’ privacy.

This prevents anyone else from capturing Bluetooth signals and narrowing down a specific AirTag device over and over, which would theoretically allow for tracking another user.

Even better, Apple has designed the AirTag system to alert you with a loud noise if your phone’s iOS detects an unknown AirTag moving alongside you. This prevents someone from tracking you with an AirTag by slipping one into your pocket or purse.

How we selected top AirTag accessories

When considering which AirTag accessories we should focus on, we selected various accessories at different pricing points.

Some people will have a little extra cash to spend and won’t mind paying $40 for an accessory that can track valuables more easily. Other people are interested in budget-friendly accessories, so we included a few options from each category.

We also looked for specific accessories designed to let you leverage the AirTag for certain circumstances. For example, the above dog collar is a specific AirTag accessory that’s only really useful for one thing. But in our minds, specific devices are usually better than generic ones in terms of the raw value.

How to choose the right AirTag accessory for you

Because AirTags are incredibly versatile regarding placement, choosing the right accessory for you boils down to your purpose for using an AirTag in the first place.

Answer a few questions to determine what kind of AirTag accessory is best for you:

  • Where will I place my AirTag and why? Is it being attached to a set of keys that tend to frequently get misplaced? Or will you attach it to your child’s backpack so keep tabs on them? A simple keyring will do the trick, but maybe you need something more durable like a leather loop, or something specific, like a dog collar.
  • What is your budget? Most AirTag accessories are extremely affordable without sacrificing sturdiness. But you may want something that looks a little sleeker or blends in with your daily style. You could spend a bit more to get that look you want.
  • At the end of the day, will I actually use it? If you’re someone who is already pretty organized and has no issues keeping track of your valuables, an AirTag could just be an unnecessary expense.

AirTags are a useful product for tracking many different types of items and valuablesincluding children and pets. Finding the best one for you could be a fun and simple process once you know what you’re looking for.

Are there other accessory options to consider?

Here are a few other noteworthy AirTag accessories to consider: