How to Use Android Phones as Webcams for Better Quality Video Calls

How to Use Android Phones as Webcams for Better Quality Video Calls


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When the use of video calls skyrocketed after people are forced to work and/or study from home, many realized the importance of having a webcam with high-quality video.

While some webcams in the market offer display resolutions as high as 1080p at 60 fps, it still does not perform well compared to using the built-in cameras on a smartphone.

Luckily, getting another piece of hardware to get that video quality suited for video conferencing is not necessary when there is an Android phone lying around.

Turning Smartphones to High-Quality Webcams

Yes, it is possible to use an old or spare smartphone as a webcam and it is easier than many may think.

On Mar. 21, GSM Arena posted a list of third-party software available for Android phones, and it is all for free.

The list includes webcam apps that have been around for quite a while, and newer apps that allow users to receive calls on the smartphone while being used as a webcam.

It is important that the Android phone and PC be connected to the same WiFi network first before using the apps on the list below.

On the other hand, iPhone and iPad devices can also be converted into a webcam and would work well on Mac and Microsoft laptops.

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Three Best Apps to Use to Convert an Android Phone to a Webcam


DroidCam has all the basic features needed to turn any android phone into a webcam, with the option to upgrade to DroidCamX for $5 to add more features such as the high frame rate option, 720p, and 1080p video resolution.

The quality of the video can be adjusted by manually selecting a number of modes, such as white balance and exposure. In addition, Pro users will be given access to screenshots, camera flash toggles, and zoom controls.


iVCam is one of the popular apps available in Google Play Store that offers to deliver up to 4K resolution for free without ads while the app is running. The app also gives the user an amount of control with settings such as toggles for autofocus, white balance, and exposure, as well as beauty filters.

Sliders are also present on the app, which allow the user to adjust the ISO and exposure manually.

iVCam also added extra features, such as image capture and native video, which are both saved on the PC.


Iriun is another popular webcam app that is simple and straightforward to use and can offer up to 4k resolution without affecting latency.

It also allows the user to accept incoming calls while the app is running without any issue, and it recovers quickly and automatically from a connection loss.

Additionally, Iriun allows the users to switch between portrait and landscape orientation, as well as a toggle the LED flash.

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