Exploding iPhone X Lawsuit: Scientist's Year-Old Phone Left Him with 2nd Degree...

Exploding iPhone X Lawsuit: Scientist's Year-Old Phone Left Him with 2nd Degree Burn


Apple is now facing a lawsuit over in Australia due to a certain iPhone X user’s recent claims noting the device had actually exploded within his pocket! This reportedly left the owner with second-degree burns and a shocking new perspective regarding Apple products.

Apple iPhone X exploding

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Exploding iPhone X Lawsuit: Scientist’s Year-Old iPhone X Left Leg with Second-Degree Burns

According to the report of 7 News, this particular incident occurred back in 2019 and is currently taking legal action against Apple after the company had reportedly failed to respond to the man’s inquiries about the problem. The man was known as Scientist Robert De Rose.

It was noted that Scientist Robert De Rose was simply just sitting in his very own office when he suddenly felt certain pain in his leg. He also heard a fizzing sound that came from his pocket.

He then said that he heard a small pop sound which was followed by a fizz. This was when the man reportedly felt intense pain on his right leg.

Man experiences second-degree burns

He then immediately jumped up and suddenly realized that the reason for the pain was his phone. The story from 7NEWS continues to report that he then pulled his very own iPhone X from his pocket. This was only a little over a year old. He then saw black smoke all coming out.

Due to the iPhone X explosion, De Rose then noted that he had actually suffered “second-degree burns” directly to his thigh. He then noted that his skin had then peeled black. De Rose also notes that he had tried to reach out to Apple themselves a number of times regarding the issue but had never been able to get a response.

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De Rose is seeking legal action with an Apple Watch victim

De Rose noted that he is currently working along with the Carbone Lawyers and taking some legal action directly against Apple in search of reasonable compensation. The firm is currently representing another man coming from Melbourne who claims that he was also left with a big burnt wrist after his recent Apple Watch had overheated.

A certain Apple spokesperson reported to 7NEWS that the company definitely takes consumer safety very seriously and is also now investigating the said two complaints. The reported two lawsuits have recently been filed with the official County Court.

The story was reported by 9to5Mac and the article noted that it is still important to look at the bigger picture. The article then notes that this is only one user and there are still over millions of different iPhone X units as well as Apple Watch units all around the world. This, in itself, is said to be no reason to fear that the device might actually combust.

It was then noted that those types of fires are extremely rare but will still happen to any device that is selling above the ten million mark.

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