'Hitman 3' Berlin Lethal Poison: Location and How to Complete The Englishman

'Hitman 3' Berlin Lethal Poison: Location and How to Complete The Englishman


Hitman 3 Berlin Lethal Poison: How to Complete The Englishman 
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“Hitman 3” Berlin level does practically live up to its own title of Apex Predator since players will be given a sandbox that includes 11 possible targets. The long and winding story missions are then pushed to the side in this particular chapter as the infamous Agent 47 fights back directly against the ICA that made use of classic assassination methods. The catch is that whatever type of disguise will the player choose to sport, the enemy agents will still become immediately suspicious of it.

‘Hitman 3’ gameplay

According to the story by GameStop, in order to finish the Apex Predator level, players will need to be able to take out five different ICA agents. The majority of them will be roaming the environment directly on their own as a number of agents would occasionally cross paths with the play.

For those capable of playing their cards right, they might be able to eliminate a number of agents in just one fell swoop. This would then earn them one of the trickier challenge achievements within the process. One particularly complicated kill is the Englishman. Check it out below.

The Englishman – The Wurst Delivery Challenge / The Wurst Disguise

Agent Lowenthal can reportedly be found disguised as a particular Ragnarok biker as he patrols the packaging garage found on level 0. Hunting Agent 47 is known as hungry work, and Lowenthal is now starving for a particular meal that has yet to appear. 

Players can disguise themselves as a simple delivery driver in order to get closer to Lownthal and thus complete The Worst Disguise challenge. There is another quicker approach. Basically, players can distract him somewhere in the garage and proceed to take care of him directly. When a player chooses to deliver Lowenthal’s food, they will then complete The Wurst Delivery challenge.

‘Hitman 3’ locations

The food delivery driver can easily be found out somewhere near the containers located at the garage. Assume the identity, and also do not forget to grab the simple emetic poison somewhere near. This is the “Hitman 3” Berlin lethal poison is one of the highlights of this game as it is a unique way of killing victims.

Players will have to pick up the key to the driver’s delivery scooter and simply unlock the boot and proceed to add the extra ingredient. A certain biker will then fetch Lowenthal’s meal then immediately tell the player to scram. However, that biker will make the mistake of leaving the door right open.

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‘Hitman 3’ walkthrough

This is now the time for the player to sneak in and simply wait for the rat poison to take effect while standing by in the toilet. Once Lowenthal then assumes the position, players can introduce him to the next evacuated contents of his own stomach for yet another clean kill. For those that prefer a quicker kill, players will be able to find a vial of the “Hitman 3” Berlin lethal poison over in the security section located in the Grow Room on Level 1.

This video by Trophygamers on YouTube shows the walkthrough players can follow.

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