Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera goes head-to-head with iPhone 12 Pro Max video...

Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera goes head-to-head with iPhone 12 Pro Max video – CNET


The Samsung Galaxy S 21 ultras camera absolutely destroys the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s in one key way.
Let’s take a look.
So Samsung’s new flagship phone is here and sure it’s got a powerful processor and a lovely screen and 5G and it supports a stylus now, but I’m a photographer.
What I care about are the images it can take.
Well, there’s a whole casserole of cameras on the back to take your photos, including a Standard zoom, a three times telephoto zoom, a 10 times telephoto zoom, and a super wide angle lens as well.
That’s pretty much a whole kit bag of photography.
But then the iPhone 12 Pro Max has got a multiple camera array as well.
And we’ve already been incredibly impressed with the shots we can get to see how the two phones stack up though.
I took them out for some tests.
Began in the beautiful Dean village in the heart of Edinburgh.
His first test with a standard zoom lens looks great on both phones with an even exposure and plenty of detail.
It’s much the same on this shot of a canon with both cameras capturing tons of information in both the highlights and the shadows.
There’s actually very little to chose between the two images, I also think they’ve both done a great job capturing this view overlooking Edinbruh, things get interesting when you start looking really close up at the shots, at a 100% crop it’s noticeable that the iPhone has more detail Its image.
Switching to the wide angle, this scene is again perfectly exposed.
Although there is a noticable shift in the white balance between the two phones.
I actually think I prefer the S21 Ultra shot here.
Its magenta shift is giving the scene a slightly more Sunset view.
That white balance difference is particularly noticeable in this image too.
With the S 21 Ultra producing quite a strong cyan shift in the blue sky, which doesn’t look particularly natural to my eye.
And it’s done exactly the same in this scene as well.
But it is the zoo where the S 21 Ultra, really shines.
While the iPhone 12 Pro Max and zoom goes to a maximum of 2.5 times the S 21 Ultra has a three times and 10 times optical zoom, which opens up a huge array of shooting opportunities.
So I headed up high for a good viewpoint overlooking the city at a 2.5 times deem.
This is the best the iPhone 12 Pro can manage.
I’m sure it’s a nice enough shot, but I was able to take this with the S21 Ultra is much bigger at 10 times zoom.
That extra zoom has transformed the scene showing a gorgeous view right down Edinburgh’s princess Street.
I tried to zoom in digitally with the iPhone to get a comparable view and this is the result Side by side there’s just no competition.
And, of course, you can use that huge zoom for video too.
Getting beautiful cinematic footage at 4K resolution from huge distances away.
As a photographer, I love have a telephoto zoom with me when I got out shooting as it let’s you get compositions that you just can’t get with smaller lenses.
The S21 Ultra allows for exactly that.
I love this shot overlooking Cramond beach taken at 10 times and this shot of the dramatic Fetters college.
Here’s how close the iPhone can get in the same scene.
The S21 Ultra can take that zoom further to 30 times and even 100 times.
But the quality is reduced to such a point that the results become pretty much unusable.
And to be honest, I rather think that Samsung should have got rid of its space soon after the galaxy S 20.
And instead spent that time making the ten times zoom even better, because let’ be honest.
That is a thing that’s going to make the biggest difference to your photography.
We’re another generation on.
And that hundred times zoom still seems like nothing more than a gimmick.
So which camera is actually best?
Well, that is not an easy question to answer.
Fundamentally, they’re both superb being able to take vibrant images with excellent dynamic range.
It’s very close, but generally I think I prefer the shots taken on the iPhone as they tend to have more natural colors and less digital sharpening.
However, I also tend to edit all of my images in programs like Adobe Lightroom.
So I tend to prefer a more natural image to start with that I can then apply my effects onto, but it’s the zoom that really separates these two and it’s worth thinking about how often you’ve wanted to zoom in closer when you’ve taken photos before.
It really does open up a whole new world of composition options, which the iPhone just cannot compete with.
If you’ve ever felt the two times zoom on your old phone lacking the S 21 Ultra May well be the camera phone for you.
What do you think of a new s 21 Ultra?
Is it the phone for you or do you have eyes only for the iPhone 12 Pro max?
Do of course leave your comments in the box below and make sure to keep it seeing it for a lot more,