Xbox Series X Restock Before 2021: Where to Buy and How to...

Xbox Series X Restock Before 2021: Where to Buy and How to Get Notifications?


Xbox Series X Restock Before 2021: When Will This Happen and Where to Buy? 
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The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S is definitely one of the hottest consoles in the market as of the moment in competition with the PS5 as gamers struggle to get available stocks of either of these consoles. While Christmas has already passed and a number of players still haven’t gotten their hands on either of the consoles, there might still be hope before 2021 ends.

According to an article by TomsGuide, Best Buy might still have some available Xbox Series S stock and there’s still hope for the Xbox Series X stock before the year is over. The article checked a number of the major US retailers and found out that the Xbox Series S tends to stay on the shelves longer than the Xbox Series X.

Where to buy Xbox Series X online?

These are the following retailers that have been able to sell the Xbox Series X in reasonable quantities in the past.

According to the article, there’s actually good reason to believe that the Xbox Series X is coming to shelves even before the year ends. Although the Xbox Series X is out of stock as of the moment, however, almost all of the console’s accessories are still instock.

Here are the following Xbox Series X accessories that are available:

The Xbox Wireless Controller is said to work for both the PC and the Xbox One. Microsoft’s own CVP of gaming, Jerret West, has also commented on the known retail shortage issue saying the overwhelming response with regards to the launch of both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S has been reportedly staggering and heartening all at once. It was stated that they cannot wait for everyone to get the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S through their retail partners to quickly replenish the given stock as fast as possible.

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How to get Xbox Series X notifications

The best way for gamers to get their hands on available Xbox Series X stock is through the manual process of getting notifications and moving as quickly as possible. One method that reportedly works well for PS5 stock available notifications has also proven to work for Xbox Series X in the past. This is through following Wario64 on Twitter.

Wario64 on Twitter gives free updates regarding PS5 stock availability and Xbox Series X stock available. All that needs to be done is to follow and make sure to turn on Twitter notifications to make sure the buyer’s device receives instant alerts should Wario64 tweet that stocks are finally available.

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