'Pokemon Go' Promo Codes December 2020: How to Redeem Them All!

'Pokemon Go' Promo Codes December 2020: How to Redeem Them All!


Pokemon Go Promo Codes December 2020: How to Redeem Them All! 
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Niantic is giving Pokemon Go trainers quite a handful of different holiday goodies that come together with promo codes that allow players to get a quick chance to stock up on certain in-game items. Pokemon Go players have reportedly been treated to quite an eventful year. This is partially due to the whole ongoing COVID-19 restrictions all around the world.

How do you get free Pokemon Go promo codes? 

According to the article by GameRant, Pokemon trainers have all been benefitting from the different passive bonuses ever since the early summer. Now, it seems like there is a new handful of other freebies expected to close out this 2020.

Just like the other kind of mobile free-to-start games, the Pokemon Go game occasionally gives players some bonus items, especially when the events are happening. With that being said, Niantic is now generally a little bit more selective when it comes to giving out promo codes.

How do I use a promo code for Pokemon 2020? 

Promo codes within the game are quite random and they are generally reserved for certain special promotions as well as customer service tickets. Despite this fact, Niantic has recently unveiled two different promo codes that supposedly work for every single Pokemon Go player. Both of them are redeemable for some time.

One of these promos is said to be a certain sponsored Pokemon Go collaboration along with Verizon. The other, however, is more of a particular adventuring gift coming from Niantic with the in-game rewards most would expect. Although the Verizon code initially started out as a special promotion for its selected customers, players were eventually given the said code that is now redeemable by everyone.

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Pokemon Go promo codes December: How to Redeem

To use promo codes, go to the Map View then click the Main Menu. After this click the Shop button, enter the Pokemon promo code and click Redeem. Players will be receiving a set of two different Verizon-themed cosmetics for even entering the corresponding code. The others will also grant players items that include 10 Max Revives and even a number of Ultra Balls.

  • TRFJVZVVV8R4 – 10 Max Revives, 30 Ultra Balls, Lucky Egg – the code is expected to expire on January 1, 2021

  • LRQEV2VZ59UDA – Verizon Mask and Verizon Jacket avatar items – the code is expected to expire on December 31, 2021

There is now a large discrepancy with the expiration dates. This means that players should also take note and even enter their own codes accordingly. While the said code that rewards players with a Lucky Egg, it is said to expire on January 1 which is fast approaching. The Verizon code will still remain usable until next year’s December 31 so basically, players have an entire year to decide if they want to claim this or not according to the Tweet by Niantic.

Of course, Ultra Balls are pretty useful especially when it comes to rare Pokemon and the Max Revives should be able to help trainers fight against pretty difficult opponents like Team Go Rocket leader Cliff. A Lucky Egg, on the other hand, massively increases the rate that a player can gain experience as fast as possible. Players that are aiming to reach the Level 40 Legacy Challenge should redeem their codes before it becomes too late.

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