Game Awards 2020: How to Vote PLUS PS5 Winners Predictions

Game Awards 2020: How to Vote PLUS PS5 Winners Predictions


The Game Awards 2020 is now almost upon us. This particular event is going to take place this coming December 10 on Thursday. This night is going to be the night that the Game Awards voting comes in and the final best games of the year will be tallied. So you probably wonder how to vote.

According to an article by AS, although this tradition has been known to take place with a massive bang, this year, the TGA 2020 will be held online for the very first time. This, of course, is due to obvious reasons. The GOTY will finally be announced and although a lot of releases were delayed due to Covid-19, the 2020 Game Awards is still pretty packed with quite a lot of strong contenders.

Game Awards voting: How to vote for GOTY

There will be three rounds for the Game Awards 2020. Sadly, the time has already passed as the first round took place previously on December 2 which decided 10 candidates coming from 30 choices, December 4 which decided 5 candidates from 10 choices, and December 6 which decided 1 candidate from 5 choices.

The voting process will be done on the official The Game Awards website which also includes the needed information for the given categories. Users will need to log in with their Facebook, Twitter, or even Google in order for them to vote.

PS5 Game Awards Winners Predictions

An article by PushSquare shared four different opinions as to who the PS5 winners predictions are. The piece started with Sammy Barker, Editor, who noted that Geoff Keighley does deserve a tremendous amount of respect for the well accomplished The Game Awards show that has been one of the most important key indicators for the GOTY.

According to Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor, “Final Fantasy VII” Remake will be mentioned for the other platforms. The general Game Awards vote was given to “Bloodborne” remastered announcement for the PS5 and also probably PC. The rumors that were suggesting this supposed project all refused to go away and it was stated that Geoff even seems to have a strong relationship with those over FromSoftware.

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According to Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor, the Game Awards 2020 could announce the release day of the new Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It was also stated that it would be something rather “The Last of Us: Part II” related and that a “The Last of Us Multiplayer” could be announced.

According to Liam Croft, Senior Staff Writer, although he has previously failed when he spoke of the rumored “Silent Hill” PS5 project during Sony’s event back in September, he is still going to come out and make the prediction for one last time. Although Keiichiro Toyama has recently left Sony Japan Studio, insiders still say that the project does exist.

These predictions should still be taken with caution as gamers wait for the December 10 event to find out what the true GOTY really is.

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