'The Sims 4 November 2020 Update: New Features, Platforms, Sentiments and MORE!

'The Sims 4 November 2020 Update: New Features, Platforms, Sentiments and MORE!


Redwood Shores studio of Maxis’ “The Sims 4,” life simulation game developed in 2014, had its latest update. New features, sentiments, platforms, and many more come with this update, as reported by RealSport101.

The game’s update with 177 Gigabyte in size is quite a big addition to your device’s memory . It is expected to have this huge memory addition, considering that big changes are coming to build mode through the new platform’s functionality and additive half-wall heights.

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Visitors try out the game ‘SIMS 4’ at the Electronic Arts stand at the 2014 Gamescom gaming trade fair on August 14, 2014 in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming convention and this year includes over 600 exhibitors.

‘The Sims 4’ Latest Update: new and improved features

The new update comes with various features, from the platforms to half-walls as follows:

The Platforms

This feature enables the player to build rooms controlling its heights in a story level. Platforms’ height can be easily adjusted in any room so you could choose the exact height that is just right for your sim.

According to an article by Extra Time Media, the player can either utilize the new Platform Tool directly in or you can put preset stages that come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll discover both of these inside the “Walls and Empty Rooms” area of Build Mode.

You could also adjust how deep the platform beneath the ground can be if you wish to create more rooms. It also has the ability to put platforms on top of another platform infinitely.


There are 12 modern Half-Wall heights accessible as a portion of this most recent upgrade in expansion to Platforms, which makes it 19 in total, so no matter what you’re building, there ought to be Half-Wall height for you to select from.

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Sentiments in relationships

Sentiments that are formed between Sims can be seen in two areas; when socializing with another Sim, press on the heart-covered note pad that shows up within the social UI at the top of your screen. Alternatively, you’ll see the sentiments that exist between two Sims at any time inside the new Sim Profile within the Relationship Board. But, unlike with the pre-existing Relationships, these Sentiments aren’t continuously a shared feeling.

Unlike connections between Sims, Sentiments can be a one-sided affair. When two or more Sims share an involvement, you will discover that all, a few, or none of them walks out from that minute, having formed an enduring impression of the other Sims involved. The base game incorporates a wide variety of these Sentiments, and Snowy Escape has extra ones tied to encounters within that pack.

‘Sims 4’ Update: Go anywhere in the world to have a vacation

With this new update, there is no limit for a Sim can go. Your Sim can travel or go on a vacation to any of your worlds as long as you rented a lot inside them.

You’ll be able to guarantee that your Sim is kept fit and healthy by obtaining any essentials while you’re on your voyages through the “Order Supplies Now” menu that can be found within the rental’s mailbox or on your Sims phone.

As Extra Time Media reported, “Sims 4” adds some fixes to the game itself to make the simulation game more realistic and true-to-life’s happenings.

So be creative and put in some effort to build your own Sim’s life with these cool updates.

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