Confirmed: HBO Officially Orders Series Based on 'The Last of Us' with...

Confirmed: HBO Officially Orders Series Based on 'The Last of Us' with PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog


A few months after HBO themselves teased fans with a tweet regarding a possible “The Last of Us” series, the company has now officially ordered a series that will be based on one of the most popular games of this 2020, “The Last of Us.” Most of the details that were previously released back in March in an article by GamesRadar have now come to life and have been confirmed by HBO recently on Friday.

‘The Last of Us’ HBO series

Fans of the game that are looking forward to the upcoming series will be pleased to hear that HBO will try to stick as close to the source as possible with both Naughty Dog as  well as PlayStation Productions being among the producers that HBO has tapped for the upcoming series.

While the previous announcement had really hyped players up with the series adaptation of the game “The Last of Us” from Neil Druckmann making its way to a network really soon, the pandemic has really held on a couple of plans including this one. The recent announcement picks off on the teaser that HBO will be making this series.

‘The Last of Us’ HBO series news

The news regarding “The Last of Us” series had been pretty quiet until Friday on November 20 when the official HBO PR Twitter account had published a tweet that confirmed that HBO has now ordered the series and that Neil Druckmann himself will also be serving as the series’ executive producer and writer.

The tweet also includes the very same image that was previously tweeted a couple months ago. Unfortunately, as of the moment, there are not enough details about the upcoming series. The story reported by Slashgear says that the series “will no doubt” be largely revolving around the main storyline that was seen in the game.

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‘The Last of Us’ trailer: unofficial

The article then details that given that the upcoming “The Last of Us” will be a TV series on HBO, the show will most likely start with certain events that were presented within the first game. Later on, the series might then tackle the relatively new “The Last of Us II” title. This has not yet been officially confirmed and is currently a suggestion by Slashgear.

Although this is exciting news, with the current pandemic proving itself to be quite problematic for movie makers and film crews to start shooting, it is still unknown as to when the series will officially begin shooting and when the target date of its launch will be. As of the moment, fans will have to wait and see what other information will be released both officially and unofficially regarding the upcoming “The Last of Us” series on HBO. As of the moment, there are only fanmade trailers regarding the upcoming “The Last of Us” HBO series.

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