DOJ's Antitrust Suit Against Google Won't 'Impact Users' Just Yet

DOJ's Antitrust Suit Against Google Won't 'Impact Users' Just Yet


The United States Justice Department (DOJ) will be pressing charges against Google for the search engine giant’s alleged antitrust practices. During this stage of the known proceedings, it is said to be too early to say for sure what ramifications this will have on the customers and also one of the biggest tech companies around the world.

The DOJ complaints against Google

The complaint coming from the United States Justice Department accuses Google of sifting its competition in order to be able to maintain its current position as the very leader of the online search and online advertising industry.

The Justice Department was joined by 11 different states namely Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Montana, and even South Carolina. All of them have joined the Antitrust suit against Google.

DOJ Suits Against Google’s alleged anti-competitive practices

One of the many allegations against Google is that the popular search engine company pays over billions of dollars to different companies like Samsung, Apple, and others in order to make themselves the default search engine.

However, an article by IGN claims that it will still be years before the whole case ends and the customers that use Google most likely won’t see an immediate impact towards the service.

David Hoppe, the known Managing Partner over at SF-based Media/Tech law firm known as Gamma Law told IGN that the core of the United States’ Justice Department case relates to the search engine giant’s agreements to other parties just like Apple. It was also stated that it is possible for the case to proceed and that Google will then back away from those different agreements.

Hoppe states that coming from a consumer’s own perspective, that may eventually mean that the mobile users will then be presented with more choices of different search platforms aside from being given Google as the primary default.

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Google’s DOJ Investigation to resolve the antitrust lawsuit

According to Android Headlines, the DOJ gave a statement saying that Google was operating a seemingly unlawful monopoly. It was said that the anti-competitive practices that Google is utilizing is actually illegal and falls under traditional antitrust principles. The DOJ also mentioned that if it then decided to forego on the antitrust lawsuit now, it could end up with missing the next big wave of future technology innovation.

The United States also mentioned in a recent press conference that it has in fact met up with Google in order to discuss the following steps to take in order to resolve the alleged anti-competitive behaviors that it has employed. However, the United States Justice Department did not discuss any specifics about the talk that happened during the recent press conference.

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