Pokemon Go Articuno: Ultimate Guide How to Beat the Icy Legendary...

Pokemon Go Articuno: Ultimate Guide How to Beat the Icy Legendary Bird (Best Movesets and Counters)


As one of the first legendary Pokémon to appear in Pokémon Go, Articuno will also show-up in five-star raids. If you wish to catch this icy bird, you would need to understand its weaknesses and counters.

Articuno is among the first legendary bird trio, along with Zapdos and Moltres, that came out in the Pokémon franchise. These birds set the standard on what people could expect from them, including sharing a similar type or design, although each bird shows their primary character.

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Pokemon Go Articuno: How to beat the Icy Legendary Bird

Because of its location, Articuno is one of the hardest Pokémon to catch in the original Pokémon games as it is set at the bottom of the Seafoam Islands, where players have found themselves lost for years. While they wish they had brought an Escape Rope, Articuno may be having a good laugh as he sits in the cave’s depths. 

To help you plot your plan against the Articuno, we have compiled the bird’s counters and movesets and its weaknesses and ultimately beat it.

Pokémon Go Articuno Moveset

As an ice bird, Articuno’s moveset is almost entirely Ice-type. Thus, players must avoid Dragon-type, Ground, Grass, and Flying Pokemon, which will get them mulled over. Going against an Articuno with Ancient Power, avoid using Electric-types, Steel, Poison, and Fire. While Rock-types are weak against Ground-type moves, Articuno is twice weak to Rock.

Pokémon GO Legendary Birds

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Pokémon GO Legendary Birds

Articuno can use different Fast and Charged moves in Pokémon Go. Here are the complete full moveset as well as the best type to resist these moves in parentheses. We also included the Articuno counters you can use.

Possible Fast Moves:

  • Frost Breath (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
  • Ice Shard (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)

Possible Charged Moves:

  • Ancient Power (Flying, Bug, Grass)
  • Ice Beam (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
  • Icy Wind (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
  • Blizzard (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)

Pokémon Go Articuno counters and weaknesses

To defeat Articuno in Pokémon Go, you need to know this legendary bird’s weaknesses and counters. Here are 10 counters to use in raids, along with the best moveset to use for each counterattack. While Rock-type moves are useful, hopefully your enemy does not know how to use Ancient Power or you will quickly need a backup.

Pokemon – Charged Move                

Terrakion – Rock Slide                        

Rampardos – Rock Slide                         

Rhyperior – Rock Wrecker   

Gigalith – Rock Slide          

Tyranitar – Stone Edge        

Aggron – Stone Edge        

These six Pokemon may have different charged moves, but their fast moves are all Smack Down.

Omastar – Rock Slide

Aerodactyl – Rock Slide

Alolan Golem – Stone Edge

Heatran – Stone Edge

Except for Heatran that uses Fire Spin, it is best for these Pokemon to use Rock Throw as a fast move.

Articuno is ice and flying-type, but it is weak against Electric, fire, rock, and steel-type Pokémon. While you might be tempted to start the battle with a fire-type Pokémon, it would be more effective to use rock-types since Articuno is a dual flying-type.

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