TikTokers For Donald Trump? Tulsa Campaign Rally Draws Crowd From Netizens, K-Pop...

TikTokers For Donald Trump? Tulsa Campaign Rally Draws Crowd From Netizens, K-Pop Fans


Thousands of supporters witnessed United States President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday, June 20, in the hopes of winning the hearts of the citizens for another term as the 2020 presidential election fast approaches.”

According to The Washington Post, the crowd hugely comprised of TikTok netizens and K-pop fans. The report said they are behind this audience of this event.

(Photo : Leah Millis / Reuters)
They mostly came from TikTok and were K-pop fans.

Trump’s re-election campaign chairman Brad Parscale tweeted on Monday, saying that the campaign gathered more than a million inquiries about tickets. Still, media outlets reported there were fewer people than expected who attended the event. The campaign also dropped planned events for the crowd that did not push through with witnessing the rally. 

Protesters in the rally

The campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh said some protesters halted supporters from being in the rally. It was held at the 19,000-seat capacity BOK Center in Oklahoma state.

However, reporters likewise narrated there were few protests. Tulsa Fire Department spokesman revealed on Sunday that the fire marshal counted 6,200 scanned tickets, without the media, the staff, and those at the in-box areas.

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Netizens and K-pop fans

Fans of Korean singing sensations and TikTok users claim to have registered for the rally tickets, but mainly as a prank. After the campaign’s official account on social media, touted as @TeamTrump, posted a tweet requesting for supporters to register for the tickets without any costs beginning June 11, the K-pop fans were among those who responded accordingly. However, not every ticket buyer showed up.

These fans were followed by TikTok users, whose videos with millions of views encouraged their followers to do the same. There was even one TikToker who said on Tuesday, “Oh no, I signed up for a Trump rally, and I can’t go,” and she also posted a “fake cough.”

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The invitations online grew, and TikTok videos garnered millions of views and followers. TikTok representatives haven’t responded to the comments or requests.

A huge percentage of these users removed their posts after one to two days in order to hide their plan, and keep them from growing on the Internet. One fan told the media that the majority of the people who urged them to delete the posts were also unable to attend.

Twitter netizens congratulated the weekend campaign rally in Tulsa. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York responded to Parscale, saying, “Actually, you just got rocked by teens on TikTok.” Parscale then noted how “radical protestors” had “interfered” with the crowd. 

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