The three top keyboards for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

The three top keyboards for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro


ZAGG updated the Slim Book keyboard cas for the iPad Pro 9.7 to change the cutouts on the case to allow access to the iPad Pro. There are openings for the camera, volume controls, and microphone.

The Slim Book 9.7 consists of two parts — the lid where the iPad is inserted and a base keyboard module. The lid covers the back of the tablet and can be lifted out of the hinge in the base module to use the tablet without the keyboard. It is not ruggedized but provides a modest amount of protection for the iPad Pro.

The case uses Bluetooth instead of the iPad’s smart connector to connect with the tablet. This means there is a rechargeable battery that must be watched although with a claim of two-years on a charge that’s not an issue.

The keyboard base is aluminum with black chiclet keys reminiscent of a MacBook. The keys have a good feel and it is possible to type fast with few typos. There is a top row of keys consisting of iPad control keys that is really handy.

When closed the iPad Pro in the Slim Book is much like a laptop. The black polycarbonate of the case covers the lid and base unit. The lid can be opened to any viewing angle up to 145 degrees so it is comfortable to use in most environments.


  • Multiple viewing angles for the iPad Pro
  • Good key travel and spacing
  • iPad can be detached
  • Backlit keys


  • Bluetooth, no smart connector capability

The Slim Book can be purchased from ZAGG for $129.99.