Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite Specs, Prices and Release Date: Galaxy Tab...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite Specs, Prices and Release Date: Galaxy Tab S8 No Show?


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite Specs, Prices and Release Date: Galaxy Tab S8 No Show? 
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Samsung has just recently announced a new update for the said Galaxy Tab S7 as well as Tab S7+ that might actually make a few more interested Samsung fans interested in buying one. For those remaining over the fence for a couple of reasons, there might be reason to hold on just a little longer to see what will happen next.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Although a few might be expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 to show up, well, according to the article by SlashGear, Samsung will go another way and release two new tablets, well, “Lite” versions of the tablets. These reportedly new tablets are for those that might have a hard time getting the Tab S7 or Tab A7 due to maybe more constrained budgets.

Although it’s not technically a big surprise that Samsung would actually be putting out the Lite version of the said Galaxy Tab S7 as it has also done the same for the previous Galaxy Tab S6 in the past. What is a little bit more surprising, however, is that there is going to be a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite!

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite specs

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is reportedly a surprise since the Galaxy Tab A line is technically already lite when it comes to comparing the two. However, that’s exactly what the Twitter account WalkingCat had leaked. This revealed how Samsung actually plans to market the reportedly more affordable tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s very own defining feature, however, will supposedly be its reported size and design. This should also reportedly come out with a said 8.7inch screen as well as slim metal design. The leak also suggests that it would be really easy to use even with just one hand. As to whether it will actually be comfortable enough or advised to use with one hand, fans will just have to wait and see.

Galaxy Tab S7 Lite specs

As of the moment, there is little to no information regarding the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite as it leaves the upcoming tablet quite intriguing.

As of the moment, this is all the article by SlashGear had revealed regarding the said tablet. However, another article by Gizchina reveals a few other interesting Galaxy Tab S7 Lite specs as well.

  • Has model numbers SM-T730, and SM-T735

  • Has model numbers SM-T735B/SM-T736N for “Wi-Fi only”

  • Both 4G and 5G variants will be available.

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Galaxy Tab S7 Lite price

According to an article by PhoneArena, the said Samsung Galaxy S7 Lite price will most likely be around $350. However, there are no other forms of confirmation and the actual price still has to be announced by Samsung itself. As of the moment, this is only a speculation as to how much the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Lite might cost interested buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite release date

The same article notes that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X7 Lite could launch this early May.

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