iPadOS 14.5 Beta Apple Pencil: 'Scribble' Feature Now Lets You Write in...

iPadOS 14.5 Beta Apple Pencil: 'Scribble' Feature Now Lets You Write in Five Languages Besides English and Chinese


The new ‘Scribble’ feature supports five other languages with the use of Apple Pencil in iPadOS 14.5 Beta. 
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Apple has been proving that its technological prowess should not be underestimated especially during the launch of the ‘Scribble’ feature of the Apple Pencil that allows you to write any text on the iPad during the iPadOS 14 updates.

Before, only two languages can be detected: English and Chinese, but now, five more languages have been added to expand its scribble support in iPadOS 14.5 beta.

You Can Now Scribble Texts In Five New Languages

This week, the feature received an expansion wherein an additional five languages can now be recognized by the Apple Pencil. Through the iOS 14.5 latest beta, testers unveiled new information of adding them since people are only limited to use Chinese and English.

In a report by Mac Rumors, Scribble, which was also a feature contained in Apple Watch, made use of finger-based text recognition so regardless if your handwriting is illegible, it can still identify what words have you written through the use of Apple Pencil.

Beginning with just two languages mentioned a while ago, the iPadOS 14.5 beta now explored the options to make a room for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French – which were all European languages. To enable the feature, the tech site said that you should go look for the option below the configuration of the Scribble feature.

Furthermore, besides its capability to recognize handwriting run by machine learning, the feature can also allow you to copy-and-paste, as well as edit texts and other actions that could be made. The Scribble is applicable to iPadOS platforms which could be incorporated in Apple’s first-party apps such as Safari browser, Notes, and Calendar.

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iOS 14.5 ‘Buy Sheet’

In a separate report by Apple Insider, the App Store UI has undergone a slight change in iOS 14.5 beta. It was David Barnard, the developer of the iOS who noticed the adjustment. If you purchase an app, “Buy Sheet” will appear with the app trial information and the subscription price in a large font.

The feature should ensure that the buyers will have a better view of how subscription pricing works. It will also make sure that people know the purpose of their signing up based on the purchase model provided by Apple.

Apple has been engaging more actively in tightening security concerns among its customers. Through that, the revamped UI seems to be heading to the same path, specifically to steer away from the risks of being scammed. The company guarantees that people would not be robbed of any money through high fees charged to them by the scammers.

In the future, several features will be added to the iPadOS 14.5. Some of them include gaming control supports to help the gamers elevate their gaming experience. Moreover, Apple is also searching for improvements of new emoji characters, Apple maps crowdsourcing intended when an accident happens, and others.

Apple has been involved with the never-ending dispute with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but that will not be enough for the tech giant to produce more highly-efficient devices in the next years to come.

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